Anything could happen and it could be right now!

Crap instruments, simple riffs, and a shit load more humour than most New Zealand music at the time

Harrington’s Tasting – book now

Next Wednesday Harrington’s Breweries is sponsoring the AGM for Wellington IT group, Unlimited Potential. I’ll be speaking about Harrington’s, its products and history. And, of course, Harrington’s has generously provided beers from its diverse range. Anyone is welcome to attend, and it’s free. Just register here. Unlimited Potential is Wellington’s leading network for IT professionals […]

Beer is better than wine – it’s no fantasy!

Just don’t tell him that hops is related to dope

Have you had anything to drink this evening, sir?

Well, yes, I have Friday: Tuatara Helles, Tuatara Pilsner, Tuatara Hefe, Tuatara IPA, Tuatara Porter, Tuatara APA, Tuatara Ardennes (hosting a Tuatara tasting). Saturday: Tuatara Pilsner, Tuatara APA, Yeastie Boys Lady Marmalade, Moo Brew Pale Ale, Epic Barrel-Aged IPA Sunday: Three Boys Pilsner, Emerson’s Pilsner, Matson’s Pine Tree Black, Feral Karma Citra Hey, what can […]

Radler case put into context

Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, my mates at This Way Up are taking a look at the radler case. They’re speaking to an intellectual-property lawyer, and also looking at other controversial IP cases, including Fonterra’s trademarking of Vintage. It will be broadcast on RadioNZ 101FM at 12.30 tomorrow 27 August. If you miss it you can listen […]

Fresh really is best

What can we do to ensure we get the best quality for our beer-buying buck?

Confessions of a Beervana volunteer

Like many other NZ beer fans, I spent much of last weekend at Beervana in Wellington. I’ve been going to Beervana and its precedents for nearly ten years now, both as a punter and as a member of the news media. This year I also volunteered and spent the busy Saturday night session manning the […]

How SOBA won the Radler case

SOBA did extremely well out of the decision and won everything it could expect to win

The rights and wrongs of contract brewing

McLaren Vale is a wine producing region, and is named after the international motorsport team founded by New Zealander Bruce McLaren. Not everyone knows that.

NZBeerBlog Radio

Last week the RadioNZ National show ‘Ths Way Up’ took a look at the spectacular success and growth of the craft beer scene in NZ. Inverviewer Simon Morton spoke to me about the scence, with an emphasis on contract brewing. You can here the piece here. NB – I got it wrong on the costs […]

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