Have you had anything to drink this evening, sir?

Well, yes, I have

Friday: Tuatara Helles, Tuatara Pilsner, Tuatara Hefe, Tuatara IPA, Tuatara Porter, Tuatara APA, Tuatara Ardennes (hosting a Tuatara tasting).

Saturday: Tuatara Pilsner, Tuatara APA, Yeastie Boys Lady Marmalade, Moo Brew Pale Ale, Epic Barrel-Aged IPA

Sunday: Three Boys Pilsner, Emerson’s Pilsner, Matson’s Pine Tree Black, Feral Karma Citra

Hey, what can I say? It was my birthday weekend!


4 Responses to “Have you had anything to drink this evening, sir?”

  1. Happy birthday!


  2. Very often in the company of friends we spend the evening and drink a few glasses of alcohol thinking that this does not harm our health, but this is a mistake.


  3. Ahaha. It was truly a great birthday. With a capital letter. The very thing after which something vryatli will be remembered. But I would not refuse once to hold it as well.


  4. Ahahahah, unfortunately, I do not have anybody to drink something with. This evening I am alone in my house with a couple of dogs and a cup of hot tea. Congratulate you with your birthday.


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