Confessions of a Beervana volunteer

Like many other NZ beer fans, I spent much of last weekend at Beervana in Wellington. I’ve been going to Beervana and its precedents for nearly ten years now, both as a punter and as a member of the news media. This year I also volunteered and spent the busy Saturday night session manning the […]

Free Beervana tickets available now!

You get to represent a Beervana exhibitor, serve excellent beer, and take on the job of passing on your passion for great beer. Trust me, you’ll be popular.

Helpers wanted for craft beer census

I’m looking for people with a good idea of their local craft beer scene to get national coverage. There’s no pay, but I will owe you a beer or two.

Beervana Preview 3 – Monsters from Marlborough

It’s been a monster winter for New Zealand beer lovers. We’ve had a sudden rush of new, high alcohol beers, often pushing loads of New Zealand hops. Perhaps the biggest of the monsters is MPA Imperial India Pale Ale from the Renaissance Brewing Company in Blenheim. The label tells you all you need to know […]

Beervana Preview 2 – Yeastie Boys

Expected the unexpected from Yeastie Boys. This contract brew outfit has been surprising New Zealand craft beer fans for a couple of years now with its rockin’ attitude and giving the finger to established beer styles. Its Beervana launch will include two brews. One is the high-alcohol winter warmer Her Majesty 2010. The other, Punkadiddle, […]

Beervana Preview 1 – Malthouse’s Thornbridge Three

Thornbridge is an English craft brewery with strong links to New Zealand. Those links will be strengthened next week when the Malthouse launches three Thornbridge imports at Beervana. English pale ales always seem a bit understated and stiff-upper-lip to my New World tastes, but Jaipur India Pale Ale proves me wrong again. Thornbridge describe it […]

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