My New Year resolution is to drink more beer

There – it’s in writing and on the internet, so it must be true. This year, 2011, I Martin Craig will endeavour to drink more beer. I admit I may have let the occasional NYResolution wither and die in the past, so I will have to make an extra effort to stick with this one. […]

What’s up with our hops?

I have noticed recent batches of old favourite beers smelling and tasting distinctly sharper and more metallic

Did Morton Coutts think hops are evil?

Morton Coutts was New Zealand’s most influential brewer, but he had some strange ideas about hops. I was at the Macs Brewery Bar in Wellington last week with a colleague. He had a Mac’s Gold and when it came to getting a second round, I suggested he try a Hopsmacker Hoprocker and tell me if […]

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