D4 – Beer and the business lunch

When major breweries rationed supplies to freehouse D4 on Featherston, proprietor Dermot Murphy found a new market for craft beer. Dermot came to New Zealand from Dublin, and named his first bar after the postcode where he grew up. His accent came with him, and his beer specialist Finbarr Clabby is another Irish import. Finbarr […]

Is dark lager our most under-rated style?

I was pleased to see Monteith’s Black won a trophy for European Lagers at BrewNZ last week. It’s good news for two reasons – DB is being upfront that Black is a lager; and dark lagers are something we do well in New Zealand. In many bars I’ve visited, Monteith’s Black is the best beer […]

Pass the beer list, please!

When I visit a restaurant or bar for the first time, I’ll often ask to see the beer list. I do it out of curiosity, because I like a good beer, and to be slightly annoying too. Sometimes I get a funny look, sometimes they’ll flick to the back page of the wine list, and […]

The beer giveaway that sells punters short

What do you say when a friend tells you all beer tastes the same? People who pride themselves on good taste in wine will tell you they can’t tell one beer from another. Those who know good coffee will say they’ve never had a good beer. I can completely sympathise with beer sceptics, because it’s […]

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