Giving up beer for Lent?

Giving up beer for Lent? No, not quite. Contrary to rumour, I haven’t given up my beer or my beerbloggery for Lent. I have been kept busy with real work and other things, but I have been enjoying some good beers, good bars and good company. I have also been working with passionate beer fan […]

Alcohol law loopholes leave craft brewing vulnerable

It’s legal to drive drunk in New Zealand. I know this because I was a drink-test dummy for Consumer a few years ago. We were testing cheapo breath testers, and comparing them against an official police breath tester and an ESR tester used to calibrate the police kits. My eighth handle of 4% beer was […]

Did Morton Coutts think hops are evil?

Morton Coutts was New Zealand’s most influential brewer, but he had some strange ideas about hops. I was at the Macs Brewery Bar in Wellington last week with a colleague. He had a Mac’s Gold and when it came to getting a second round, I suggested he try a Hopsmacker Hoprocker and tell me if […]

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