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Last week the RadioNZ National show ‘Ths Way Up’ took a look at the spectacular success and growth of the craft beer scene in NZ. Inverviewer Simon Morton spoke to me about the scence, with an emphasis on contract brewing. You can here the piece here. NB – I got it wrong on the costs […]

Taking on the beer industry one keg at a time

“I don’t like to be limited by style guidelines. The only crime in brewing is being boring”

NZ brewer wants your feedback

Any exercise that gets people thinking about beer, and assumes the New Zealand beer drinker can discriminate different tastes and preferences, is OK with me.

Colonial Upstarts!

It may seem churlish to gatecrash Her Maj’s birthday by comparing British Pale Ales with their brash colonialist knock-offs. But there was no gong in my mail this morning, so churlish I’m going to be.

I mashed-up 100 Hop Zombies

Last Friday night I created my own Hop Zombie army

Helpers wanted for craft beer census

I’m looking for people with a good idea of their local craft beer scene to get national coverage. There’s no pay, but I will owe you a beer or two.

This is too good to miss

Moa’s marketing hits the bullseye and draws in wowser hook, line and sinker. And the wowser’s logic is as twisted as my opening metaphor.

Black Emperor – Just the ticket

Extra points for naming a beer after Lee Scratch Perry.

Craft beer industry goes another round

Some beer fans may be uncomfortable with craft beer taking on Auckland with a brash, new image, I think this next phase will be exciting and another step forward for the industry I love.

Giving up beer for Lent?

Giving up beer for Lent? No, not quite. Contrary to rumour, I haven’t given up my beer or my beerbloggery for Lent. I have been kept busy with real work and other things, but I have been enjoying some good beers, good bars and good company. I have also been working with passionate beer fan […]

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