This is too good to miss

Moa’s marketing hits the bullseye and draws in wowser hook, line and sinker. And the wowser’s logic is as twisted as my opening metaphor.

“National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman said that “promoting alcohol at breakfast time is promoting morning drinking”.

“And morning drinking is a classic sign of alcoholism, so it’s basically marketing alcohol to alcoholics,” he said.

As Spock would say, I find that highly illogical, Captain. All fish swim, I can swim, therefore…

And “There were 20 alcohol-related deaths a week, he said.” So how may of those were caused by alcohol (clue: correllation does not imply causation)?

And check out the comments – some of them are very funny.

Off to try Epic’s Hop Zombie tonight, but certainly won’t be pouring it on my Weetbix.


One Response to “This is too good to miss”

  1. How about the comment by “Laura” –

    “This is utterly wrong. The expense and market placement of boutique beer hardly makes it the drink of choices for alcoholics. These beers are aimed at harmless hipsters and overpaid suits with more money than sense. If anything, the people who drink these beers are less inclined to binge drink, they’re too busy “appreciating” the flavour and talking out their arses. “


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