Worst Beer Tasting – EVER!

Yep, I’m offering you a very limited opportunity to experience the Worst Beer Tasting – EVER! Regional’s Kieran Haslett-Moore and I are presenting Beer 102 – Identifying Beer Faults and Off Flavours at Regional Wines & Spirits on Friday 28 October from 6pm. This tasting is a (hopefully) unique opportunity to experience some of the […]

Beer education is a subversive act

So why is beer education subversive? Because the two big breweries are so damn big, and have a huge vested interest in maintaining mediocrity, with sales based on image, not quality. Drink, don’t think.

Want to meet up and talk beer this Sunday?

If you are in Wellington this Sunday 17 April, meet me and other beer fans at 4pm at The Hop Garden, 13 Pirie St.

All beer tates the same to me!

We’ve all heard it – “I don’t drink beer because it all tastes the same.” It’s a shame that the attitude lingers. Not only is someone missing out on great beer experiences, it also means that the old idea that beer is somehow inferior is lingering on too. After all, if I said all coffee […]

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