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Last month Tuatara Brewery generously sponsored the AGM for Unlimited Potential, a Wellington-based ITC networking group. They had the beer, so Unlimited Potential invited me along to speak briefly and run a quick tasting.

Steve Leon from Spring TV recorded it and you can see it here. Have a look, have a laugh, and you might as well have a beer at the same time. Thanks to Unlimited Potential, Spring TV, and, especially, thanks to Tuatara.


Martin, do you really look like that?
Yes – that’s what drinking beer for nearly 30 years will do for you.

Martin, do you really sound like that?
Yes – that’s what living in New Zealand for nearly 50 years will do for you.

Martin, are you really that small?
No, dummy, it’s Youtube.

Martin, are you available for other corporate and Christmas events?
Yes, e-mail me at martin@nzbeerblog.com

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3 Responses to “Welcome to NZBeerBlog TV!”

  1. Good stuff Martin, education is the key to kicking shit beer’s ass.


  2. Good stuff. Classic Kiwi accent and nothing wrong with that. Great bear tasting.

    Last time I talked to Carl it was all NZ hops in IPA tho.


    • Thanks Keiran

      I checked with Dave Bernard from Tuatara before I gave the presentation, and was directed to the website for up to date tasting notes. It says “English variety hops” there, so perhaps I should have been a bit more precise.




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