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There’s never been a better time to enjoy New Zealand beer.

NZ Beer Blog is an enthusiastic, subjective, opinionated and independent celebration of New Zealand beer and brewing. We’ll look at the best places to enjoy New Zealand beer, industry news and present compelling reasons for trying a new beer this weekend.

I’m Martin Craig. I am a freelance business journalist and researcher. After work I enjoying conducting further research into the brewing business, research I’ve been conducting at my own expense for many years now. I’ve also been a beer judge, experimented with home brewing, and advised on beer lists.

Wellington is a great place to enjoy great beer at present, and I’m especially lucky me Da got off the boat here. Stepping out of my front gate, I can turn right and walk to the Malthouse in ten minutes. With about 160 different beers available, the Malthouse is currently New Zealand’s leading beer bar. If I turn left, I can be at Regional Wines and Spirits in ten minutes too. This bottle store is a unique resource for the local beer fan, with 11 taps featuring a revolving range of New Zealand beers for patrons to fill their own flagons. There’s usually something for everyone included in the range, and you can find short-run brews that are not available in bottles. The craft beers here cost about the same as mainstream premium lager from the supermarket – bargain!

My personal tastes run to the hoppy end of the spectrum and American Pale Ale is probably my (current) favourite style. But as I age I’m starting to appreciate balance more and I’m especially enjoying seeing (and tasting) New Zealand brewers producing international beer styles with local ingredients. I believe this will generate some genuinely indigenous New Zealand beer styles. With our respected ingredients and talented brewers, it won’t be long before the world starts copying us.

So cheers, enjoy NZ Beer Blog, and enjoy New Zealand beer.


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  1. Good to see another place educating the public about great NZ beer. If you haven’t already you should check out Hashigo Zake (www.hashigozake.co.nz). We’ve got about 150 different beers, none of which are made by DB or Lion.


  2. Hi Dave

    Yes, I know Hashigo Zake and will introduce myself next time I’m in.




  3. Hi Martin,
    Great blog, my favourite subject. I envy your location, Wellington definitely has it.

    I agree about ageing and taste preferences. APA styles are my Fav too, as are robust darks – eg, Three Boys Oyster stout. Have you tried the Epic Hop Zombie? A bit sweeter but fab.

    I have a belief that the mass market brewers have slowly sweetened their beers in parallel to the same phenomena in the processed food and soft drink industry, since about 1988. Those of us older than about 40ish may therefore have less appreciation of the cane sugar sweetness.

    Looking forward to more interesting posts.


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