Wanted – Sydney beer guide

Ok, I’m off to Sydney in 10 days and obviously I’ll be trying out some local beers.

I haven’t been to Sydney for 20 years or so, so I’m picking there will be some changes, especially around the craft beer scene.

So if you know your way around Sydney’s better beer bars, get in touch at martin@nzbeerblog.com. I’m in town from 16/11 to 22/11 and I’m always happy to catch up over a beer.

And there will be some changes here at nzbeerblog over the next few weeks.

I have a new job – for the next 18 months I’m a business development manager at one of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes. This comes after being self-employed as a freelance writer and markeing strategist for many years.

It’s a great job, but it means I will have less time to host tastings and to do my devoted and extensive research.

I will be travelling around the country and so I’ll be reporting back from the regions whenever possible.

Watch this space.


Martin Craig

4 Responses to “Wanted – Sydney beer guide”

  1. I just spent a weekend in Sydney about a month ago and had the same question.

    I ended up asking the guys at The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst if they had any suggestions. I would definitely swing through this bar as they have a great range of beers from the area and staff are really helpful.

    They had this to say…

    “The best option within Sydney would be the 4 Pines Brewery which is located in Manly.

    Catch a ferry from Circular Quay & enjoy a 30 minute cruise across the harbour to this craft beer haven.

    If you have time I would recommend paying Murray’s brewery a visit. It is a 2 hour drive to the North of Sydney at Port Stephan’s.

    Amazing beer & beautiful country, well worth the effort to get there.”

    I wasn’t able to visit Murray’s brewery, as we were exploring Sydney by foot, but the 4 Pines had some really good beer and food. Plus you get to ride the ferry which is always an experience.

    I hope that helps!


  2. Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst is number one, for sure. Great beer, great venue, great staff.

    I really liked Redoak, though most of the Australian beer geeks seemed to think it was too expensive and their beers too conservative. I had great food there and had two of the best Australian beers I’ve ever tried in their English IPA and Baltic Porter.

    I’ve not been over to Manly for a long time but there is a Murray’s bar there as well as 4 Pines. Seems like a must visit. I’ll check it out when I’m over in February.

    That should keep you pretty busy but if you need more then check out: The Lord Nelson, Harts Pub, The Pumphouse and The Australian.


  3. More than happy to provide more information, although the beery gents above have provided some great starting points. It’s always great to meet up with new beer folk, especially our friends from across the ditch.


  4. I have never visited such great events, since I don\’t like beer. however, I suppose it is a good option to consider in the nearest future!


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